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Ceiling Repair

Ceilings often require repair over time after becoming damaged, cracked, or stained due to water leaks, weather damage, and a variety of other reasons. Our home ceiling repair and home improvement professionals can provide your home with the handyman services you need to repair your ceiling to a pristine state.

Expert & Efficient Ceiling RepairCeiling Repair

At Lighthouse Renovation, we have years of experience providing home improvement and handyman services in the Overland Park and Kansas City area. Our ceiling repair experts can often repair and patch the damaged area of the ceiling without affecting the structure of the rest of the ceiling. That means your home ceiling repair won’t necessarily require the entire ceiling to be repaired. We can come to your home assess the damage and give you honest advice about the home ceiling repair services your ceiling requires.

If your ceiling is damaged and needs repair, don’t hesitate. Call Lighthouse Renovation in the Overland Park or Kansas City area at (913) 721-7828 for professional home ceiling repair and home improvement handyman services.