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Custom Shelving

Today’s homeowners are constantly looking for creative and budget friendly ways to create additional storage space in the home with the most design flair as possible. Shelving is often overlooked, but yet it is easily one of the most important  pieces of the design puzzle when doing an interior remodel to the home.  We often use shelving for storage, displaying items, or just simply setting things on them without recognizing their importance or design function.

Custom shelving units can be built into almost anywhere in your home. Whether you are looking for more closet storage for all those shoes or want to add a decorative yet functional display for trophies in a man cave, shelving units can be an easy addition to any room. Specific and custom to your needs, each project is unique and requires the expertise of one of our craftsman.

Custom Shelving

Whether you need something for the bathroom to hold towels and toiletries, something in the living room to display photographs and CDs, or one in the bedroom to hold books and files, you’ve come to the right place. Lighthouse Renovation & Repair is your one stop contractors for handyman services. One of our shelving experts will come out to your home, assess your specific shelving needs and come up with a design plan to best fit the needs of you and your family while staying on budget. No project is too small or too big! From design to installation, you can be assured your home project will be done efficiently and in a timely fashion. 

Craftsmen You Can Trust

DIY projects and be disappointing and time consuming. All of our skilled carpenters have multiple years of experience and always have the utmost respect for your home and living environment.  We value our workmanship and reputation, always going to the extreme to reduce our footprint while in your home completing a project! Let Lighthouse Renovation & Repair take the headache and hassle out of your home renovation project.

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