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Deck Design

Deck Design

One of the biggest mistakes we often see homeowners commit is creating a deck design that is far too large to fit the scale of their home. Here are a few good ideas to keep in mind when brainstorming about your future deck design layout. First is to keep the deck size smaller than the largest room in your house, the other is to never design a deck that is over 20% the size of the home you’re planning on attaching it to. Keeping these little hints on your mind will help keep your deck look aesthetically pleasing and coming in on budget.

Purposeful Planning

Be aware of your landscape when in the planning mode, be sure to build a deck design that will accentuate the positive views of your yard and hide those we may not care to see. Plan your deck for functionality and purpose! Have an idea of where you plan on putting your frill (or grill), where the most foot traffic will end up, etc. All of these design factors should be considered before ever beginning construction, and our deck design experts will be sure to help you out during the entire planning process.

Don’t forget about deck design features that can be added to give your deck a more appealing look and improve your outdoor living space. Features such as planters, seats, pergolas and arbors all add a unique design element to any deck.

Custom Consultations

Lighthouse Renovation & Repair now offers custom deck design consultations for $375.00 within the Kansas City Metro area. Our service provides an onsite evaluation and consultation, plus three basic drawings for your review. If you decide to proceed with your new deck design and utilize our craftsmen at Lighthouse Renovation & Repair, we will discount the design fee of $375.00 from the cost of your new deck.

Let the professionals at Lighthouse Renovation & Repair handle all your deck design and construction needs to create a truly customized outdoor living area for your family you’ll also be proud to share with your friends. Call us today at (913) 721-7828.