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Exterior Painting in Overland Park & Kansas City

Lighthouse Renovation & Repair stands out above the numerous painting companies in the Kansas City area because of our unparalleled level of professionalism and experience. Our professionals are not just painters, but carpenters too. We have extensive knowledge in the home renovation industry and are qualified to provide a variety of services to repair and improve features in your Kansas City home. From replacing rotten wood to ensuring that all seams and cracks on a house are caulked correctly, there are few home improvements tasks that our professional team can not handle.

Seamless Exterior Painting

When we provide exterior painting services, not only do we just paint. We first do extensive preparation for all exterior painting jobs. We replace any rotten wood, caulk cracks, and scrape off old loose paint all before we open our paint cans. At Lighthouse Renovation & Repair, we only apply the highest quality paint products that we know we can trust. With our exterior painting services, we pay special attention to the trim, ensuring that any cracks or open seams in the house trim are patched up so that the body of the house can be saved from future rot issues.

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your house can have many benefits. Not only curb appeal and facelift for your home, exterior paint can help the longevity of the exterior of your house. Paint can help when selling a house, doing a major renovation, landscaping, or welcoming a new season. Take years off the look of your house!

Experts You Can Trust, For the Job Done Right

Let Lighthouse Renovation & Repair take the hassle out of this job. Our experts are happy to climb on that ladder, reaching the highest nooks and crannies of your home. Exterior painting of your home can be a timely chore, quick and efficient are two aspects we take great pride in. Getting this job done fast, you can be assured it will also be done right.

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