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Home Improvement & Repair Services Cost

Home improvement costs are well worth the investment. Not only does it add value to your property, they also make it safer and more comfortable to live in. When considering whether or not home repair cost is worth the money spent, think about how important living in a beautiful house in Overland Park or Kansas City is. Then think of home renovation cost, carpentry cost, and handyman service cost as something worth investing in.

Home Improvement Costs in Kansas City

The Lighthouse team prepares a custom quote for all services. We also assess materials for each home repair project and determine cost based on your needs. There is a minimum charge of $250.00 labor for projects.

This is a very reasonable rate when compared to similar services. Electrical, plumbing and painting are usually performed with a bid for the work to be done. If the work to be performed requires a licensed electrician or plumber we use the services of licensed professionals, ensuring that all of our work is up to local building codes.

Why Invest in Home Repair?

Home repair costs are well worth the money spent especially if you plan on living in your home for years. If you do decide to sell your property, you’ll get more out of it because there won’t be as many repairs to deal with. Thinking ahead about your expenses will help you see the value of hiring a company like ours to improve the safety and appearance of your home.


We’re happy to create a quote for your home repair or renovation project. Call us at (913) 721-7828 to talk about your Overland Park & Kansas City area projects!