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Shower & Bathtub Repair

Leaky, moldy showers are a serious problem in Johnson County. Shower leaks can lead to mold inside your walls and damage to ceilings and floors. Shower repair is not only important to make your shower more efficient, but it is also necessary in order to prevent mold damage.

Bathtub repair is also a needed service in many homes. Whether an outdated tub is causing you trouble or a newer tub has been damaged, we can provide the bathtub repair your home needs to be working well!

The Dangerous Material That’s In
Overland Park & Kansas City Showers

A lot of showers in our area were built using green board behind the tile. Green board is simply drywall that is slightly more moisture resistant than regular sheetrock. A majority of these showers were built with the idea that the tile, grout and caulking would keep the water off of the green board and from getting behind the wall. While the common 4×4 white tile and grout will keep running water from getting to the green board they do not keep all of the water vapor from getting through. This, in time, causes mold and causes the gypsum in the green board to delaminate from the paper facing. This in turn leads to leaks developing in the corners and at the base of the tile.

Shower Repair: Preventing Mold Damage

When Lighthouse replaces shower walls we use products that are both waterproof and vapor proof. On top of that we join any seams with a liquid waterproofing membrane. You could actually use one of our showers without any tile on the wall at all!

Mold damage is serious business, but shower repair services or rebuilding can fix existing concerns and prevent future issues with leaks and mold. When we are finished with shower repair or rebuilding in your Overland Park home, the tile is no longer serving as the water barrier, but more as an expression of your design taste.

Bathtub Repair

One of the most requested home improvement services besides shower repair in Overland Park and Kansas City is bathtub repair. Plumbing services are often required due to a clogged drain. In order to get to the root of the problem, it’s important to know what to look for.

Our company takes care of bathtub repair quickly and professionally. If it’s a leak that is causing the problem, we’ll find out fast. If it’s mold and mildew, we have a way to take care of it quickly so you can soon enjoy bathing in your bathtub once again.

Learn how our bathtub and shower repair services can improve your Overland Park home; call (913) 721-7828 today!