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Shower Tile Installation & Repair

Do you have a tile shower that leaks when the caulk joints at the corners of the shower “falls out”? Or do you have a tile shower that caused an adjacent wall to cave in?

Your Tile Shower May Need Some Help

That’s why Lighthouse Renovations of Kansas City offers tile shower repair in Overland Park and the surrounding areas.

What Creates the Need for Tile Shower Repair?

A common misconception is that tile is waterproof, and that means that no moisture can pass through it. While your tile shower may be waterproof, it more than likely is not vapor proof. Water vapor passes through tile and grout and can cause the walls behind the tile to decay and rot.

Along with vapor passing through the tile and grout, your tile shower is probably relying on the tile to be the only source of protection against water getting behind the walls. In many cases, the walls behind the tile are not capable of resisting moisture.

Tile Shower Repair, Installation, and Re-Tiling

When Lighthouse re-tiles a shower, we use waterproof and vapor-proof backing materials, as well as bonding all walls together with fiberglass mesh and thinset mortar. After the thinset has dried, we apply a liquid water proofing membrane on the walls, corners and any fasteners used.

By putting the extra effort in our tile shower repair and installation, our showers could actually be used before any tile is put on the walls at all! Our system is tried and true. Though every year new tile products come on the market promising quicker, easier shower installations, we see no need for quicker and easier when it comes to showers. A tile shower built by Lighthouse Renovations will stand the test of time.

A Beautiful Tile Shower Will Be the Gem of Your Home

Not only will your tile shower be physically sound, it will also be gorgeous. With over 14 years of experience, we have a reputation for beautiful, detailed tile shower installations.

Start planning for your new tile shower. Call us today in Overland Park at (913) 721-7828!