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Siding Repair


There are many types and styles of siding. Our experts at Lighthouse Renovations & Repairs will work diligently to match it to the style of our customers’ homes when performing siding repair. Most siding rot can be prevented by having the proper flashing installed and keeping up with caulking and painting.

Siding Repair: Avoiding Siding Rot

Siding rot is a big problem in Johnson County. Hail, wind and debris can put holes into your siding or pop a seam causing water and weather to damage your siding. One can drive down about any street and see houses with bulging, flaking, rotten exteriors. When Lighthouse Renovation & Repair repairs your siding problems, we ensure that the new siding is flashed and trimmed properly while perfectly matching the existing shade of siding. Preventing water from making its way behind the siding is the major key to a getting long life from your renovation and to avoid future siding repairs.

Fixing Your Siding Issues Before They Start

A common area where we often see siding rots is along the bottom edge of your home near the ground. This is the most likely place for water to build up and seep in. Siding should be at least six inches above ground level; if it needs to be lower than that, a rot resistant siding or trim should be installed on these specific areas. The best option for such a circumstance is to cut the siding at the height of the rot resistant trim and flash the trim to the upper siding. The reasons for cutting the siding first is to “break” the opportunity for moisture to wick and to install flashing.

If you see issues in your siding, they should be addressed right away to avoid further damage to your home. One of our expert siding professionals can evaluate the situation and sit with you discuss the best repair option for your home and budget. Do not let your house be the one on the street with exterior problems! Let Lighthouse Renovation & Repair professionals repair your siding!

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