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Tile Services

Tile Installation

From a shower surround to a kitchen floor, our tile installation services are the best. Our competitive rates and extensive knowledge make your home remodel a snap.

Tile Repair for Showers

Do you remember how beautiful your tile shower used to be? With our tile repair services, your shower will look better than new. No need to get all-new tiling when one tile is broken or discolored — we can provide repair to restore the look of your shower.

Tile and Grout Repair

If your tiles are cracked and your grout is dingy, give us a call. Our tile repair projects are quick and easy. We’ll return your grout to its original sparkle in no time.

Caulking and Recaulking

Caulking develops mold, and it may crack and fail. Recaulking prevents mold and stops leaks, improving your home’s value and livability.

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