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Replacement Windows

Do your windows have broken frames or cracked glass? Do you wish to find a way to make your home more energy efficient? The window replacement specialists at Lighthouse Renovation can help.

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Types of Replacement Windows

There are two basic types of whole replacement windows that we offer Kansas City property owners.

True Replacement Windows

True replacement windows, the most common option, typically serve as a more energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing upgrade. For this window replacement, our team removes the existing window sashes, leaving the window frame in place, and replaces the sashes with a brand new unit. If you want to replace your old windows, but there is no problem with the actual frame, this is a good option for you.

Whole Unit Window Replacement

The second type of replacements that we typically offer is a whole unit window replacement. With this option, we remove and replace the entire window unit and frame with a completely new unit. The professionals at Lighthouse have years of experience in performing these types of window replacements. Typically, they require repairing sheetrock and siding, replacing trim, and touch-up painting. When we undertake a whole unit replacement, we go out of our way to ensure that all siding, trim, and colors match and that you are not left with a mess.

**Please note that we offer whole window replacement, not repair or replacement of individual window panes.

Doing the Job Right

We exhibit the same professionalism, efficiency, and attention to detail in every project, whether it’s replacing one window or tackling ten whole window units.

Our goal is always to help you achieve the look you want, so we do not try to sell our own line of windows to Kansas City homeowners; we go out of our way to match the existing windows in your house with similar color, style and quality of windows. We perform each window replacement thoroughly and with unmatched skill, so whether you have a large bay window that has broken seals or a small awning window above your bathtub that isn’t working, we can perform the quality replacements that your windows need.

Serving Overland Park & Kansas City

When you’re in need of window replacement, count on our team to get all the details right — we’ll make sure your new windows match seamlessly with the rest of the windows in your home.

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