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Wood Rot Repair & Replacement


Wood rot- it is something no homeowner likes to think about or even discuss, but if you own a house in Johnson County, you are no stranger to wood rot. No need to panic, Lighthouse Renovation & Repair is your local wood rot experts. Wood rot can be a costly and lengthy repair process, our professionals are here to help with this need.

The conditions in the Kansas City metro are right for wood rot. The hot and humid summers and the extremely cold and dry winters are hard on any exposed wood surface. Whether it is “bubbling” siding or “squishy” trim, Lighthouse Renovation & Repair can replace it or repair it. Our goal is to assess the problem and find a solution best for your family and budget.

How does wood rot happen?

Wood rot happens in several places on the exterior of your home. Often times, the source of wood rot is wood being in contact with the ground. This is usually found with posts on decks. A lot of times we can cut the rot off of the bottom of the posts and either install plastic post bases or actually pour a new footing, making sure the wood/concrete connection is above ground level. Other prone places on your home to check for wood rot are wooden trim pieces around windows, doors and below your roof,

Wood rot is inevitable, however there are a few tips and tricks to keep your home protected. Siding your house or updating your paint, adequate water run off, and good air flow can easily help put off the growth of wood rot. If these options are not available or have already been utilized, the experts at Lighthouse Renovations & Repair are ready to evaluate your next options to repair that wood rot.

Reliable Home Repair for Wood Rot Damage

No matter what part of your home has wood rot, we can fix the damage. Trust our team for your home repair, whether it involves replacing or repairing damage caused by wood rot.

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